Monday, 2 April 2012

Things You Need to Know Right Now

  • You can right-click on almost anything and choose “Show Info” to get stats and information about the item. If the item is attached to your ship, and you got the info by right-clicking on it in the fitting window or HUD then the stats will be modified for skills/bonuses/ammo etc.
  • This round blue icon does the same thing as the “show Info” command.
  • The items you fit to your ship in general are called “modules”. There are various categories of modules such as weapons, electronic warfare, tanking, etc.
  • The image shows you cans and wrecks. You will often need to recover things from cans in missions. Wrecks often have loot in them and can be salvaged for salvage materials.
  • If you do lose your ship you can dock at any station where you have no ships and receive a free rookie frigate equipped with a civilian weapon, a civilian miner and a unit of Tritanium. The frigate and modules can't be sold or recycled so there is not much point making dozens of them.
  • Don't take stuff from a yellow wreck or can. If you do you are “stealing” and everyone may attack you without penalty for the next 15 minutes. Some players bait new pilots into doing this just so they can kill you.
  • There are two basic types of corporation (or corp). You start in a NPC corp and while in that corp you can't be at war and you can't attack your corp mates. They also have an 11% tax on bounties and mission rewards but that doesn't kick in until you are getting over 35,000 ISK in bounty. Player corps have been set up by a player and they may set their tax rate to whatever they want. Members may engage each other in combat freely for training or fun. Player corps have a lot of abilities and benefits. Joining a good corp could really enhance the game for you.
  • To jettison a item from your ship, right-click on the item and select “Jettison”. It will appear in a “can” (or “jetcan”) next to your ship. These will disappear after everything is removed from them.
  • Rats are NPC pirates or enemies. Pirates are players being rats.
  • High Security space is space that has a security level of 0.5 or higher. These systems show on your autopilot as yellow, green or blue dots. Low security space is 0.4 and down and shows as orange through to red dots. These areas are referred to as high sec and low sec respectively.
  • Generally you are not allowed to attack people in high security space. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen. War, tricks and suicide attacks can all kill you in high security space if you are not careful. We'll try to tell you about all the common tricks and traps.
  • Low security space is not patrolled by CONCORD (the space police) so people will attack you if they can manage it. This often happens for no good reason and begging only makes them laugh. Until you understand combat and the risks involved, you should avoid low security space at all costs.
  • There are modules that will shut down your warp engine and stop you from warping away. This is usually the first act of an attacker to prevent your escape. This counts as an “attack” as far as the rules for high and low sec are concerned.
  • Never take your last ship to dangerous space. Make sure you always have a ship to earn money with if things go wrong. Its better to buy a cheap ship and lose it than to lose your set up mission runner.
  • Do not move expensive items in flimsy ships as people will often suicide their ships to destroy you and loot your hold. There are modules that allow people to scan your hold for valuables. This happens often in high sec. If the cost to destroy your ship with a suicide attack is less than the cost of your cargo then you are at risk. [Blueprints or implants in shuttles are a very bad idea.]
  • Don't go spending money on expensive modules, ships and ammo to begin with. The Career Agents will give you a lot of useful stuff. Also you are very likely to lose your ship a few times while learning your limits.
  • Insuring your ship is a very good idea when you are starting out. Especially combat ships. Your chance of losing a ship are higher in the beginning so you want to reduce the loss.
  • Don't get tricked into going to low sec to get something you bought. Check where the station is by setting it as a destination before buying. Look at the autopilot way-points to check the security ratings.
  • All ships have bonuses of some kind. Look at the description on the ship info to see what they are.
  • If you are given a skill by an agent its a good idea to train it straight away to level 1 in case you need it later. Most of the skills you are given are essential to a future in that career and you will want them at level 5 eventually.
  • Normally you are allowed to attack people in your own corp but this is NOT TRUE if you are in an NPC corp.
  • Contracts are risky things. They are a common tool of scammers. Avoid contracts if you are unsure of them and treat any contract linked in local as suspicious. Read them carefully if you do use them. Common tricks are to add or drop a “0” in the price, get the quantity of items wrong or pretend to buy something at a bargain but in fact sell you something for lots of ISK.
  • Don't pick up items with the skull icon or a legality tab in the information. These things are illegal in the space you are in and can get you in trouble at the gates with customs ships. Generally these items cannot be sold and aren't worth collecting anyway. You can get fined or attacked for carrying these items. Its possible to end up with a negative wallet balance this way which will cause you a lot of problems.

Turning Off the CSPA Charge

Eve charges people to contact you via mail or using conversations. It also costs to form a fleet with you. This is intended to be an anti-spamming system. Many people get fairly annoyed at this and ask you to turn it off. As you don't get the money from the charge its worth doing it to be more friendly to people helping you out. Here is how to do it.
  1. Open your Eve Mail Window.
  2. Click on the horizontal bars next to Eve Mail at the top of the Window and select “Settings”.
  3. There is a field to edit next to CSPA Charge. Set this to Zero.
  4. Press the “Apply” button.

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